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Meet the designers-


 The two designers of CHARM NYC are the husband and wife team of Ume and Nick Taylor. Ume was born in Japan and she never stopped creating things since she was a little girl. She learned her designing skills at Bunka Fashion Institute in Tokyo, Japan. After she moved to New York, she worked as an assistant designer, seamstress, assistant stylist etc... Through out these times, she started to work on her own line selling in local boutiques, markets etc... Nick on the other hand has been an artist, musician and photographer since moving to New York City in 1977. He collaborated with artist Jean-Michel Basquiat in their band "Gray" and his photographs have been shown around the globe.


 With the strength of Ume's design experience and the talent of Nick's creativity, the two have developed their line and estabilished Charm NYC in 2004.




Our philosophy-


 One of our principles is to make all our products with "Made in New York City", in mind. We believe quality is important and we support local businesses when selecting our materials. We wish to provide the consumer with original designs. We put a strong emphasis on detail and craftsmanship. Our items are consistently creative in nature and enhance the style and form of our clientel. 




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